Neighborhood Tennis began in 2013. Our team brings tennis education to schools and neighborhoods in Miami. Our main goal is to introduce tennis to people around our community, and share our love for the sport!


We strive to inspire players! So our coaches teach them to appreciate the game with fun recreational competitions. We work to introduce tennis as an individual sport. But we also keep a team environment that promotes collaboration. As a result, this helps us promote team spirit and build our community around tennis. 

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We have classes for adults and kids of all ages and levels!

We’re certified!

Professional Tennis Registry: Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) is the only tennis teaching certification organization that offers targeted education, certification, and qualifications. PTR elevates the standards of tennis teaching professionals and coaches in the United States, PTR and USPTA.

First Aid + CPR | Our coaches are trained first responders to emergency situations is an essential skill in large group settings. Having a trained professional in first aid and CPR is the first line of defense.