After School Program


For more advanced training, take a look at our Competitive Program

With our after school program, we hope to inspire children to appreciate the fun of the game. Our coaches guide them through recreational competitions that challenge them in a fun way. Tennis naturally allows students to become self-disciplined, motivated, and active individuals for the future. And our method works to introduce the individual sport in a group setting, promoting team spirit and collaboration.

Red Ball | 3-5 YRS

Tennis taught through fun games gets kids to start playing faster. Using all the age-appropriate elements of tennis, children will be guided through the basics by our professionally-trained coaches. Our program is designed to help develop confidence, strength and motor skills.



  • Balance and coordination-based exercises
  • Movement and posture
  • Learn to follow 2-step directions
  • Reaction & tracking skills
  • Hitting specialized Quick Start balls




Orange Ball | 5-8 YRS

Lessons will be goal-oriented to challenge and address proper technique. Coaches will assign daily goals to improve players’ abilities and attitudes during play. Children will learn to play through a rally with the coach and other children. This level is focused on cooperative skills, hand-eye coordination, ball placement, and athleticism.



  • Agility based exercises
  • Sportsmanship
  • Ball control
  • Rally
  • Tell score




Green Ball | 7-12 YRS

At this level, the competitive aspect of the sport is introduced. We focus on technical skills such as serving and backhand strokes during practice. Our Green Ball program promotes good sportsmanship and recognizes effort and ability.



  • Goal setting
  • Focus on technical drills
  • Serve technique
  • Introduction to competition
  • Athletic conditioning


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For more advanced training, take a look at our Competitive Program